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We offer five different kinds of services.

-  interpreting and translation services: in particular the languages of English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Bulgarian and Italian but we can equally provide other languages for your international guests as we are in touch with over 600 international interpreters in Europe.

-  We can provide corporate hospitality services for your guests (please see enclosed leaflet). Services include accompanying guests on sight seeing tours or simply recommending them the best restaurants, spa resorts, live music venues, do VIP shopping for them etc.

-  We can also provide top artists to entertain your guests either on site of the tennis tournament or at their private premises such as their yachts or private parties etc. We are highly experienced in bringing important clients to events and providing PR services such as covering events into the international media but also contacting our international broad network on your behalf.

-  We equally assist people that would like to have either short term or long term rentals during the big events such as yours. Similarly we also have a lot of real estate goods that we can provide to some interested parties as we collaborate with a number of top-end real estate agents both in Monaco and the Riviera.

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