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Corporate and VIP Hospitality


Our organization provides five star services for companies or individuals travelling to Monaco or France, Bulgaria, UK, US, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and other countries around the world. We provide these services in many languages (English, French, Bulgarian, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian…) and collaborate with many other linguists around the world. The services provided are:


- products and services promotion

- events organization

- lifestyle consultancy

- luxury holidays organization in several countries

- protocol speed training for people who are not aware of certain cultural codes in certain sectors of society such as: the high top

-end government sector, diplomatic sector, jet-set, aristocratic and royal circles etc

- support and assistance in writing letters on your behalf for the above mentioned sectors and do the necessary follow-up- introductions in top circles to promote your activities and services, your company, your country or anything else you wish to communicate in original and versatile ways to a new clientele

- promoting your activities to our extensive media contacts

- helping you to communicate better through your website, brochures, DVD and any other means

- we are also able to make a specific music tune for your website or for your new product/service in order to position and market your goods/services in innovative ways

- We can  help you to network in prestigious circles and recommend you ways of keeping a good client relationship.

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If you want your stay to be tailor-made to your specific needs, get in touch with us. We will use our skills, knowledge and contacts at your service.

From all the activities we provide, a part of the earnings are donated to our Foundation (www.musicfoundations.org) which helps among others for the impoverished and handicapped to get in touch with the Arts. If you want more information or would like to support our foundation, we can always mention you on our website or during our specific events.

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